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About Us

The beginning
Extraprepare was started by parents who had a tough time looking for the right schools for their children. Luckily these parents were also visionaries running one of India�s biggest in-house web development firms- Banyan Tree Infomedia. After a meeting of minds, it was decided they would do their bit to make it easier for parents and educators connect with each other. And thus Extraprepare was born.

If we are to define Extraprepare in industry specific terms; it is called a vertical education centric internet yellow page. But it�s much more! It�s a way for you to let your prospect know what kind of educational services you offer. It is also a way for people, not just parents, to look for answers to their educational needs. Whether you run a play school, a school, an academic coaching centre or a music and hobby centre- there is always a place for you in our pages. Come. Join us with the click of a button and let everyone know how unique your academy is!

Benefits of having your own Extraprepare listing:
1. Comprehensive vertical listings:
Extraprepare is not without a difference! We go beyond contact details with our comprehensive yet direct specifications sheet that lets the world know what�s special about YOUR educational services.

2. Instant Reach:
The death of the print medium is slow but sure. It�s time to jump to a new boat. Come join the pioneers of a new online medium and ensure your information will always be just a click away.

3. Focused Reach:
Your content will always be seen by those looking for it. How? Using both, internet search and our own website Extraprepare.com�s traffic, you will likely be the first thing people see when looking for your educational services.

4. Free and Sponsored listing:
Yes! A Extraprepare listing is completely free of charge. But if you want to stand out from the crowd- we have that option too! Come take a look at what we have to offer.

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