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This is an agreement between you (also referred in this document as �you� �your�) and Banyan Tree Infomedia LLP (also referred in the document as �Banyan Tree� �we� �our�) that owns the service (�Extraprepare�) you are made privy to through the website www.extraprepare.com (�website� �pages� �domain� �portal�). Your access and use of the website binds you to the terms and conditions stated below.

Use of information for visitors
The content, information, data, pictures, animations, brand, registered trademarks, graphics (collectively referred as �information�) provided on Extraprepare should be used for your personal and non-commercial needs only. You do not possess the license to reproduce or transmit or use or process the information for commercial purposes unless stated otherwise in a communication addressed to you. You are hereby expressly prohibited from using the information to make your own competing listing. As such, all rights to information belong to Banyan Tree.

Use of information by Banyan Tree
The information that the owners of businesses provide us will be used for general public consumption and to promote their services only to the extent that we will display their details online. We advise the owners of businesses to be careful in providing us those details about their practices they do not wish the public to see as we will consider all information sent to us as non-confidential and for public viewing. If you have accidentally sent us bits of information which you consider confidential and do not want our visitors to see, we will be more than willing to remove it from our website on your request. Please bear that we do not assume any liability for damages of all kinds caused as a result of publishing any information pertaining to your business at large, on our website, whether you consider it to be confidential or not. As mentioned before, we possess complete rights to your information once you have sent it to us.

Provision of Terms and Arbitration
The Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy (�terms�) of the website will be governed by Indian laws as the terms are fashioned in compliance with those laws. These terms will not be subject to the provisions of any other laws and neither will they be governed by them. These terms supersede all previous terms that may have been laid down and that may have been enforced at some point in the past on the website. If for any reason a competent court of justice finds any section of these terms to be unenforceable, the remainder of terms will continue to be in full effect. Disputes arising out of violation of the terms will be in settled in accordance with the Arbitration and Concilliation Act, 1996. The venue of arbitration shall be Bangalore, India.

You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from claims and demands, including attorney�s fees, arising out of your breach of these terms.

Force Majeure
We absolve ourselves of all liabilities and breaches in the terms in the event of �acts of god� such as strikes, government lockdowns, bandhs, riots, terrorist acts, labour and material charges, embargos, fires, floods, insurrections, power failures, earthquakes, network failures. Stakeholders� payment obligations will not come to a halt during any event of force majeure.

Terms subject to change without notice
Since Banyan Tree Infomedia is a dynamic company offering new services through our portal regularly, we claim the right to modify the terms of use, disclaimer and privacy policy as and when we see fit. The terms come into effect the moment they are published online. Please check the terms regularly to for any new changes.

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